Advertising Opt-Out. We Give You The Choice.

The use of "cookies" has become industry standard for many, if not most, of the thousands of companies doing business on the Internet, and we believe that the use of such tools actually makes advertising on the Web less intrusive because users are not repeatedly shown the same ads. Nevertheless, iPromote firmly believes that every individual who uses the Internet should be able to make informed decisions with respect to individual privacy matters, including the use of cookies. Your internet browser allows you to enable or disable all cookies completely, as well a giving you the ability to view and delete all cookies from your computer. Most browsers also allow you to specify various criteria for accepting or refusing cookies, or whether to be notified when cookies are being used on a webpage. Using the links provided below, you also have the choice to opt out of advertising cookies and/or advertising banners served on the iPromote advertising network.

If you desire, we can place one cookie on your computer that will identify your browser as being opted out of iPromote ad serving cookies. If you have other browsers or users on the same computer, you will need to set this opt out for each individually. If you erase the opt-out cookie from your computer, you will need to repeat the process.

Click Here to Install the iPromote Opt-Out Cookie

iPromote also provides you the ability to opt out of receiving advertising banners served on the iPromote network. If you prefer not to see iPromote-served ad banners on web pages, we can install a single opt-out cookie on your computer that will prevent iPromote ad banners from being served to your browser.

Click Here to Install the iPromote Ad Banner Opt-Out Cookie

Please keep in mind that your election to opt-out of iPromote cookies and banners will be effective until you delete our opt-out cookies from your computer. In order to opt-out of iPromote ad banners, your browser must not be configured to block all cookies. If you have elected to opt-out of iPromote cookies or you have blocked all cookies in your browser configuration, we won't be able to recognize your browser from one visit to the next. As a result, you may often see ads repeated that are of no interest to you.

Will I ever need to renew my opt-out or opt out again?

If you ever delete the "opt-out cookie" from your browser, buy a new computer, or change Web browsers, you'll need to perform the opt-out task again. It's only when the iPromote ad server can read an "opt-out" cookie on your browser that it can know you have decided not to participate.