How does it work?

By entering the address of the web page you want to advertise, our automated advertising technology takes the content of your web page and uses it to quickly build 6 professional-quality, rich-media advertisements that conform to Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards. Those advertisements are then displayed across Microsoft Advertising sites like MSN, Windows Live, MSNBC and others. When customers in the geographic location you target open a web page on one of our publishers' web sites we'll show them your ad and direct anyone who clicks on your ad to your web site.

How much does it cost?

Our platform supports two pricing models.

  • Pay For Impressions (CPM): you define your target audience and pay a fixed rate for every 1000 times we show your ad.
  • Pay For Clicks (CPC): we only charge you when someone clicks on your ad and we direct them to your web page.

Where will my ads appear?

Your ads can appear on premium Microsoft Advertising sites like MSN, Windows Live, MSNBC and others. Our proprietary ad serving technology will automatically optimize your promotion so your ads appear more often on the sites they perform best on.

Can I control where my ads are shown?

You cannot control the individual sites where your ads are shown but you can control the geographic location and audience targeting of the users that see your ads.

How does billing work?

Your account is set up with an initial credit limit of $50. If you reach your credit limit before the end of 30 days, your credit limit is raised in increments. Your initial credit limit of $50 is first increased to $250 and then to a final level of $500. Your account is charged when your balance reaches a credit level, or every 30 days; whichever happens first. A new billing cycle begins at that time.

  • Example: On August 1st, Melissa opens a new account and starts accruing costs. On August 5th, Melissa hits her initial $50 credit limit and is billed for the amount accrued. Melissa's credit limit is now raised to $250 and a new billing cycle begins. On August 25th, Melissa reaches her $250 credit limit. Melissa is charged for the amount accrued and her credit limit is increased to $500. Melissa's next payment will be due on September 25th or when she accrues charges in excess of the final $500 credit limit; whichever occurs first.

What is our refund policy?

You may stop your promotions at any time. After you stop your promotions, your credit card account will be charged for any remaining amount you owe within 30 days. After that, your credit card will no longer be charged unless you re-start your promotion or create and run a new promotion. You are fully responsible for paying for all advertising services; however, if your credit card is erroneously charged, you are entitled to receive a full, prompt refund of any amounts charged in error. Please contact our customer service department at if you have any questions or concerns regarding credit card billing and refunds.

How can I change my promotion details?

To make changes to your promotion details or the appearance of your ad, log in to your account at, find your active promotion name and click on Edit link below it. Once the Edit window opens, you will be able to change the creative, targeting, budget, and duration of your promotion. If you make change to your creative, your changes will take effect immediately and your ad will update as soon as the editorial staff has reviewed and approved your changes.

How do I start and stop promotions?

Log in to your account at You will see your active promotions listed on the Promotions tab. At the end of each row is a "State" column with a switch to turn promotions on or off. Flipping this switch does not take effect immediately but usually happens within a few minutes, so keep in mind that there is the possibility of receiving a few more impressions and/or clicks after pressing the button.

What do I do if I don't remember my login or password?

Your login name is the e-mail address you used to sign up for your account. If you forgot the password to your account, just click the Login link in the top right corner at, then click the Forgot Your Password link under the login box. Type in the e-mail address you used to create your account and click the Reset Password button.

I'm trying to edit my ad and the changes are not taking effect?

When you open an ad for editing, you make the changes in a popup window. When you're finished with your changes, click the Save button. Once your changes are reviewed and approved your ad will be updated.

How many images can my ads have in them?

Ads can have from one to three images in them. There are always three image placeholders in the ad so it's best to pick three great images that really show off the page or product that you want to promote. If there are less than three images the available images will repeat to complete the ad's three-image slideshow.

My images don't look very good in my ad?

Our patent-pending WebPageToAds technology attempts to find the best images on your page to illustrate your promotion. If your images aren't in the proper dimensions to fit in the ad they can get cropped or resized and that can cause undesired effects. The ad uses three images that are 360 pixels wide by 225 pixels high. If you have a photo editing program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, or Microsoft Paint you can open the image you want to use in your ad and resize or crop it to 360 x 225 so that it fits perfectly in your ad. You can then upload the new image manually by clicking the ‘upload more images' link and selecting 'My Drive'. In addition, you can also select the 'Stock Library' link to search from over 11.5 million images to find the one that best represents your business. Lastly, click the 'My Website' link to enter the URL of another webpage on your site and we’ll fetch images from there.

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